seven days of {smiles}.

seven days of smiles this week.
it was a long week for me, and looking back,
i realize i had so many tiny miracles going on around me,
that i want to reflect on what made me smile.

1. {monday} -- i got my hair done. that was a major smile. and then i had a blast at f.h.e. afterwards! 
2. {tuesday} -- watched t.v. with some darling little kids all five of them wanting to sit on my lap.
3. {wednesday} -- attended not one but two christmas parties. loved spending time with my relief society girls, and then laughing with sissykins' co-workers at her work party.
4. {thursday} -- boo's first piano recital ever. and then, my visiting teachers spent 2 hours at my house. we sat on the floor and ate tater tots with sissykins' a-maz-ing fry sauce, they gave us pez dispensers for christmas!
5. {friday} -- went visiting teaching (for 2+ hours) and made some incredible new friends. we're talking incredible. played twilight scene it for the first time ever (and won might i add! - although i would have had fun no matter what.)
6. {saturday} -- drank some hot cocoa after a very long day, and then watched an episode of ugly betty with sissykins.
7. {sunday} -- woke up to find one of my out-of-town cousins at my house (always a joy.) and then after church and dinner we watched i'll be home for christmas which was an early christmas present to me!

so grateful for such awesome blessings in my life.
thank you to everyone who has made me smile this week.

here comes the sun,

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