i miss you. :'(

with all the hustle and bustle of christmastime lingering in the air,
i have been thinking about the past,
and the fun stuff i did.
this week i have been missing so much of my "old life".
love my "new life" too. but sometimes, i just miss the good ole' days.

{st. george}
 ♥ 100 south house
going home for sunday dinner
playing with kim & cole
(^watching amntm, eating out, samantha nibbles etc.)
midnight runs to scone cutter/dennys
orange peel, spoon me, & pizza/pasta factory
the olive garden crew
red rocks & sunshine
ashes (& nats & sissykins hangouts)
super smash brothers w/ group
tagging wars
jetting to vegas for the day
and group smore's nights

♥ aunt luar laur & uncle bruce
♥ eating at noodles and zuppas
♥ midnight wal mart runs
♥ blasting michael jackson & demi lovato every where we went
forever 21

♥ velveeta, shells, & martinelies
♥ quote wall
♥ jersy & eddie puppies
♥ grey's anatomy, veronica mars, the office, the big bang theory, ugly betty, friends, will & grace, freaks & geeks, & sytycd
♥ disneylanding
♥ conventions
maggie days
♥ new york
♥ midnight movies
♥ group

for everything i miss though, i have something else that i wouldn't have, had i not moved and started this new chapter. i'm grateful for all the fun times and all the friends!

let the good times roll,


Maggie said...

Oh, I'm in there too! I miss you too oh so much!!

row said...

aw! i miss you maggie!!!! - did you see in the "kimberly" catergory i put that i miss "maggie days"? that's you! i miss our days.

Maggie said...

I miss our days too!