Anne Taintor Inspired Vintage Shoot:

outfit breakdown [mine]: red jumper & wedges//rue 21, earings & belt//thrifted, hair bows//Forever 21
[sister's] dress//thrifted, shoes//Forever 21

these photos were taken last summer at a Silly Girls event i participated in.
also pictured, sister.
photos by: Alecia, edits by: Staci
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Wow, wow wow!

I am ashamed to admit, I haven't been blogging here in, oh EIGHT MONTHS because, I got locked out of my own blog.
You see, I purchased a shiny new custom domain and... it was all working just fine. Until it wasn't. So, I've come back, with my tail between my legs and an excessive ole' .blogspot.com behind my url again.

*sigh* Oh well. I'll survive.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there still following this thing, I plan to resume somewhat of a normal blogging schedule from this time forward. Somewhat.

In the mean time, men?



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Want to randomly be kind and of service? Keep reading!!

Hello all, I NEED YOUR HELP!

I, along with several thousand others (I can only assume), are trying to help break the world record for the highest amount of pledges for random acts of service. That's where you come in:

All you have to do is visit this link and pledge to do a random act. ANY random act whether it be folding your sister's laundry or paying for someone's over due book fees at the library. Doesn't matter as long as it is kind or of service to someone else. Pledging is completely free and you don't have to sign up for anything.

All I ask is that you just make sure to put my email in as the referrer: met0012@gmail.com

It would really mean a lot to me if everyone would participate in this and help make the world a more bright and shiny place to be! Thanks! Cheers.

(And if you're still not convinced to help me, I've provided some photos of some incredibly attractive men as persuasion. Now get out there and pledge!!)

P.S. If you share this for me, I will literally love you FOR LIFE. x's and o's my lovelies!



a tragedy has occurred. so i will leave you a treat.

you guys, my computer won't turn on. hence my lack of blogging lately. while i know none of you are sitting in front of your computer screen constantly hitting refresh until a new post from yours truly shows up, it has been bothering me quite a bit that i've been unable to blog as much as usual. so, i thought i'd stop in and leave ya'll with some goodies to oogle/swoon/drool over. enjoy!

EDIT: if you can name all four men, i'll be your bestie for life. (and Mattie, you don't count cause like, i know you know them all and we're kind of already at that point in our friendship, yes?)



so it has come to this.

i really feel like I must own this pineapple dress or be unhappy for the rest of my entire existence:




my own personal TARDIS {diy style}

i've been doing some major renovations on my room as of late (and so much diy! not very good diy, but diy nonetheless) and its finally starting to look like i actually live in it. its been years since i've had that kind of a room.
anyway, i've been collecting fun pieces and knick knacks to put on all the shelves i have. so far, my favorite piece is my homemade TARDIS (anyone else a Whovian?!). it took me a couple of days to finish, but now that it's done and sitting on my shelf, i love, love, love it.

now that i have my own personal TARDIS, i just need my own personal Doctor!
what's your favorite decoration in your room?


but i have Miss Mattie with me, so its been a hilarious day.

hello, all. i just wanted to stop in and let you know i'm currently in Austin, TX. i saw the Texas Capital building today and ate at the Salt Lick and Applebees. go me. i'm also staying in a charming little Days Inn in a smoking room (i'm a non-smoker) and hoping i don't die from second-hand smoke by morning. i'm also afraid that at any minute, the rickety ice maker out in the hall is going to morph into a Dalek and start screaming "exterminate, EXTERMINATE!" but i have Miss Mattie with me, so its been a hilarious day. (aside from the fact that we saw a man literally 2 inches from being smashed by a car.)

i also wanted to share this whimsical little video that i found on YouTube. i absolutely love stop motion and since this is stop motion set to Vampire Weekend's: White Sky it gets even more awesome points. lots of love.

p.s. i started a 365 blog where i share a picture i took and a song i like every single day. you can check it out here if you'd like.



when i was out West i visited Viva Las Vegas quite a few times (bestie lives there). only one of those days did we visit the Strip. we probs would have gone more often but it was just so hot and its one of those things where if you've seen it once, you've seen it all.

but then again, its Vegas there's always something to see...


anna recommends: my top 5 restaurants in Dallas.

welcome to "anna recommends" where i recommend whatever i feel like. today? food.

while in Utah i really enjoyed eating at places that are only found in Utah (Pizza Factory!, 25 Main! mmmm) but towards the end of my trip, i began to crave my "Texas restaurants" again. that caused me to contemplate my most favorite places to eat in the Dallas area. there are some seriously swanky places here and i always love me some good food, but i've narrowed it down to 5 (for now). so if you're ever in the Dallas area and are hankering for some seriously delicious food, i'd recommend checking out any of these restaurants:
i first found out about BJ's when some friends suggested we grab dessert there for my sister's birthday last year. boy was i in for a surprise! all we had were pizookies (best dessert EVER) and i was h-o-o-k-e-d. now i just want to go there all the time.
BJ's is a little-bit-of-everything type of restaurant where you can order anything from their bacon cheeseburger pizza to their gourmet mac-n-cheese (my personal fave it is so cheesy and even has bacon in it. ohmygosh i just cannot even explain to you how good it is).
and you MUST, MUST, MUST try one of their pizookies (a pizza style dessert made out of cookie and ice cream).
as far as price goes, its about the same as Cheesecake Factory or PF Changs. but well worth the money. i will say this about BJ's though, the service is not the best. i definitely frequent this restaurant for the food and nothing else.
for locations go here. to view their menu go here.

this is probably my most visited place to eat in all of Dallas. i used to, literally, eat there once a week. these peeps sure do know how to make some delectable subs. absolutely nothing else compares to a Jersey Mike's sub. not Firehouse, Subway, Quiznos, Jimmy Johns etc. i have basically, never been disappointed.
Jersey Mike's is a laid back sub shop that serves freshly cut meats and cheeses (just like if you're at the deli!) on the most scrumptious bread EVER. guys, i'm not even kidding. their bacon is so crunchy and if you order your sub Mike's Way (which i recommend) your sandwich will ooze with just the right amount of condiments and toppings. try their red pepper relish, it is delish. and even better? the service there is wonderful. i've never had a bad experience when eating at Jersey Mike's. mmmm. now i want me some JM's. price wise they are in the same range as all the other sandwich shops. and they have reward cards that allow you to earn free sandwiches. um, YES!
click here for locations and here for their menu (the #9 Mike's Way with jalapenos and red pepper relish is my absolute favorite. if you're looking for a hot sandwich, i suggest the Big Kahuna.)

so, we do have In-n-Out in Utah, but its still one of my most favorite TX restaurants. if you ask me, the burgers live up to the hype. meat so locally fresh, gooey cheese melting off your toasted-to-perfection patties... and their fries! oh. my. yum.
if you're a noob to In-N-Out, you should know they make a mean (in the most delicious way) Neapolitan shake as well as extremely tasty cheese fries. you can also try your burger "animal style" (which means they marinate your meat in their "special sauce" and give you grilled onions on your burger instead of raw ones.) they also serve animal style fries (the special sauce is spread over the top of your fries). they even have a protein style burger that comes wrapped in lettuce instead of on a bun. oh! and you can get grilled cheese there too which is also wonderful. if you've never been, In-N-Out is definitely worth a try at least once. pricing is comparable to McDonalds or Burger King.

Brio is a delicious Italian restaurant that i'm thrilled by every time i eat there. my favorite part about Brio is the Tuscan Tasters (you must try the Sausage & Pepperoni flat bread and the BRIO Burger!) which are all just $3.95. for that price you can get a little bit of everything!
{a table full of Tuscan Tasters for 5}
we like to go and order one or two of everything and just eat and chat the night away. its an incredibly lovely, inexpensive, time.
you can find locations here and their menus here.
*please note the Tuscan Tasters menu isn't always available. i like to call ahead prior to my visit to make sure they'll be serving from it that night.

Palio's has the absolute best pizza evs. their crust is so thin and crispy and their marinara sauce is sweet and delicious. my favorite is: mushrooms, bell peppers, olives and pepperonis on pizza. i've dined in and done take out, both of which are equally as satisfying. and on Tuesdays the location that i frequent does 2-for-1 pizzas (holla!!). so naturally, we go on Tuesdays. all the time. if you're looking for a surprisingly light yet satisfying pizza that is loaded with flavor, i'd recommend stopping in at Palio's. prices are competetive with Papa Johns or Pizza Hut.
*Palio's even accepts iThinkLocal cards! yet another reason to dine there.

so there you have it, folks. are you hungry yet?


all photos that do not belong to me have been credited above.


dear prudence: youtube.

hello all.
i hope your summer has been marvelous thus far.
i'm just dropping in to let you know that i've decided to share my youtube channel with everyone. i mean, its not that exciting, but i have a music playlist that i will be adding to constantly (i'm always up for music suggestions, guys! throw 'em at me!) as well as sharing some of my favorite videos. if you're interested, you can subscribe here.