a tragedy has occurred. so i will leave you a treat.

you guys, my computer won't turn on. hence my lack of blogging lately. while i know none of you are sitting in front of your computer screen constantly hitting refresh until a new post from yours truly shows up, it has been bothering me quite a bit that i've been unable to blog as much as usual. so, i thought i'd stop in and leave ya'll with some goodies to oogle/swoon/drool over. enjoy!

EDIT: if you can name all four men, i'll be your bestie for life. (and Mattie, you don't count cause like, i know you know them all and we're kind of already at that point in our friendship, yes?)



Shelby said...

I know Castiel, or however you spell it! Haha. Supernatural all the way!

anna said...

oh my gosh, Shelby! can we be new best friends? i love Supernatural with all my heart. (so, the top one is Matt Cohen. he plays the young John Winchester). kudos to you for knowing who Misha Collins (aka Castiel) is. thanks for stopping by! cheers.

Hanna Lei said...

Thank you for this! http://www.hannamarielei.com/

Miss Nesbit said...

:( FINE. I won't play your game then.