a small bit about who i {anna} am:

oh, hello there.
i'm {anna}.
this is my blog.

i like:
british everything {like TOM FREAKING HIDDLESTON, robert pattinson... and alex pettyfer... and ed westwick.... and ben barnes...  and andrew garfield... okay, so maybe more appropriately, i love british men. but really, who doesn't? -- but i also love british bands and films as well... so i guess british everything was the correct statement.}, frozen yougurt, sherlock, photography, reading, sun bathing, greek yogurt, zooey deschanel, the beatles, how i met your mother, disney movies, cup cakes {the ones from here are my faves}, in-n-out, tornado season, peggy sue (the band), driving with the windows down, glee, traveling, angus and julia stone, painted fingernails, young and the giant, television, design, naps, pineapple, shopping, barnes and nobel&half priced books, soccer players, soccer, supernatural, greek mythology, joseph gordon-levitt, sweet potato fries, belle and sebastian, DOCTOR WHO, the office, writing, parks and rec, celeb boyfriends, sparrows, amy poehler&tina fey, flowers, movies, star wars, i also like american men. specifically jensen ackles and justin timberlake. alice in wonderland, discussions that last long into the night and about 1 billion more things. but i don't want to bore you by listing them all.
cause that'd be boring.
i don't like:
styrofoam, mean people, lady gag me {you might know her as lady gaga}, crocs, killing bugs, snakes, mullets {with the exception of the euro mullet seen here. ESPECIALLY if its on a soccer player... refer back to comment above.}, cockroaches, not going to disneyland, community, onion breath, tomatoes, annoying people, allergies, having to sneeze but not being able to, milk, movies involving tom cruise, brad pitt, angelina jolie or anyone else who is dumb, people who text while you're talking to them, people who facebook while you're talking to them, people who do anything but listen while you're talking to them, annnnnnd dreams about being naked in public places.

i've been on blogger for roughly 5+ years now. the first blog i had was private and it was all dramatic and stuff. then i decided i no longer felt like being dramatic. so i opened up my blog to the public and wrote about mundane things like croc cell phone cases and being addicted to video games. i had like 4 followers and one of them was my mom.
then i left that blog because i basically hated it.
i started this one for a new start and i've been with it ever since. although i've re-named it about 17.36 times, i've remained a true blue blogger and i love my little corner of the world wide web.
i try to keep things fresh and fun around here because that's how i try to live my life. fresh and fun. among other things...

in addition to all that, i love to hear what my readers think, so please! speak up! leave a comment! or you could e-mail me at readdearprudence{@}hotmail{.}com. you'll definitely get a reply from that.

as always, thanks for stopping by. i hope you enjoy your time here.

♥ ♥