this tear is for you.

Dear Brittany Murphy,

i'm really sad you died today. you were one of my most favorite actresses. i hope you're doing well up there in Heaven. you'll be sorley missed down here. i'm sad i wont get to see new works of yours, but in your memory i'll watch uptown girls over and over and over again. 

say "hi" to michael and heath for me. 

a forever fan,

{pic of loverly ms. murphy found herrrrrrre. because of, of course this. -- you can go here (among other places)to read about Brittany's death}


Jacque said...

Aw this is sweet! I'm really sad about her death too! It's such a major shock to me! I really want to watch Uptown Girls now too just to remember her!!

row said...

you should join me in my 4 days of britney murphey next week! monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday i'm watching one of her movies in memory of her! i LOVED her.