tuesday = national cupcake day.

did everyone know tuesday was:
national {cupcake} day?
oh yes it was.
and if you know me, or if you've been reading this blog,
you know i l-o-v-e {cupcakes}.
as a matter of fact, my most favorite {cupcakes} of all time,
are mentioned on my blog here.

you guys, in honor of national {cupcake} day, and you,
go out and buy yourself a {cupcake}.
(or make some. whichever is your fancy.) 
you deserve it.

cupcakes make me smile,

{this is where i found the: pretty blue, cupcakes all in a row, billion candles cupcake all via weheartit.com}


Jacque said...

OO cupcakes!! My sister made some really cute cupcakes yesterday! They were so yummy!

row said...

cupcakes are my favorite!