crush week {day 2 - girl crush.}

**before you read this post, please go read this.
thank you to kelly at dare to be domestic for sharing this story.

okay folks. its time for day 2 of crush week.

girl crushes.
we all have them. some of us just don't admit it.

mine consist of a few actresses, a singer, reality t.v. star and even a vs model (who doesn't love the angels!) all these women are not only beautiful but they've all also inspired me in one way or another. - aw tender...
take a look:



{reality t.v. star}


{victoria's secret angel/model.}


what more do i need to say?
who are your girl crushes? i know you have them!


p.s. all pics found via google.com/images and a big, huge welcome to my newest followers!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

LOVE Zooey Deschanel. A LOT.

Alecia said...

this is AWESOME! I'm so glad you wrote this. some time ago, i wrote on my blog that i have a lesbo crush on didi from american idol. it caused a big huge stink and all sorts of people got involved with it. i was getting anonymous comments asking if i was really a lesbian & how that will ruin my business and how i need to keep up a good image. blah blah blah. sheesh, people! i thought WE ALL had girl crushes. excuse me for being brave enough to voice that. i hate how people are so conservative and judgemental and SERIOUS! BAH! ok...girl crushes..i would need some time to think on this, but from the top of my head: megan fox (she's so flippin hot, everyone knows it), jessica biel, i love zooey deschanel..hmmm i know there are more. i do love drew, too! hmm..now ya got me thinkin!

row said...

@alecia - okay your peeps need to chill out! i've had a pretty positive response. someone on facebook told me they thought it was hot that i was admitting my girl crushes. haha.

Iva said...

awww! all cuties! :)