its crush week! {day 1 - kid crushes.}

its crush week ladies and gents.
i hope you're ready. i know i am.

as a girl, my life has been greatly affected by: crushes.
i've had crushes ever since i was very little and so this week i've decided to talk about those crushes. 
crush week: kid crushes.
(okay first of all can i just clarify i'm talking about crushes i had when i was a kid. not kids i have a crush on now. i'm no cougar/creepy pedophile - okay thanks.)
even as a kid there were guys that could get me all starry eyed and twitterpated.
at certain points in my life, there was little i loved more, then crushing on these boys:

(crush year(s): 1991)
rufio, rufio, ru-fi-oooooooo. 
i was 6 when this movie (hook) came out. 
i was also in love - with rufio.

jtt (johnathon taylor thomas)
(crush year(s): 1991-1998)
the first celeb poster i ever had hanging in my room was of jtt (i also had a calendar.)
i would say he was my biggest "child-hood-crush" (and longest.)
i watched tom and huck, man of the house, pinocchio, i'll be home for christmas, and the lion king about a million times each, because of jtt.
boy i thought he was a hunk. 
now rumor is, he's gay. don't know if its true or not but go figure.

devon sawya
(crush year(s): 1994-1997)
was there any girl who didn't watch casper and little giants over and over again just to watch the devster work his beautiful charm? - the best was wild america because you not only got devon, you got jtt as well. *sigh*
luke skywalker
(crush year(s): early 90's)
one of my guy friends would come over all the time and we'd reenact star wars.
i was leya. he was luke.
i loved how luke handled his light saber.
what a hottie.

adam banks
(crush year(s): 1992-1996)
i distinctly remember every girl who was a fan of the mighty ducks was a fan of the dreamy adam banks. 

(crush year(s): early 90's)
i cried when atreyu's horse died in the first movie (the never ending story), and cheered when atreyu triumphed. 
i guess my love for brown skin started at a very early age.
when i got a little older it was all about:
i loved these boys. i wrote hundreds of pages worth of fan fiction about these boys!
(if they ever do a reunion tour, i am so there.) 

and eminem
(i don't know why i liked him so much. i just did. maybe i was going through my "bad boy" stage. maybe it was because he reminded me of m&ms. i don't know really.)  

health ledger
(may he rest in peace)
okay so i crushed him till the day he died. that was a sad, sad day.

*sigh* young love. isn't it grand?
although i look back at 99.9% of those guys and wonder what i was thinking, i'll never forget how cute i thought they were.

who did you crush when you were younger?
i wanna know.

until next time,

{all pics found via google.com/images}


Leah said...

Those are some cute guys up there... I miss Health Ledger. xoxo

row said...

@dsh me too! i love the movies still. they are so nostalgic for me.
and yes. looking back joshua jackson is waaay better looking then that adam banks character. what was i thinking?

I am Danielle and you are? said...

Who did I crush on when I was younger?

--Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher from Star Trek:The Next Generation)

--Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh from the original Beverly Hills, 90210)

--Bret Michaels (that crush is still there..)

--Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue (that crush is still there too)

--Christian Slater

--New Kids on the Block, especially Jonathan Knight.

That all I can think of right now.


bananas. said...

i think everyone had a crush on JTT.

so glad i'm not the only one who watched the neverending story. did you ever watch part 2? even better!

Courtney said...

Ahaha I'm totally laughing over this post because it brings back serious memories!! I think my tweenhood crushes were pretty embarrassing (think Link from the video game Zelda - yep, not even real people). But hmmm.. JTT, wonder what that little cutie is up to nowadays.. *runs off to Google*

Cute blog sweetie :)

row said...

@courtney - thanks! and link! that is hilarious! i love it! i'm doing a segment on fictional character crushes because lets face it, we've all had/have them.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh I TOTALLY crushed on *N SYNC, especially JC (which is funny because now I am totally in love with Justin). I'm with you, if those boys ever do a reunion I am THERE.