crush week {day 3 - my british love.}

it seems i have a thing for british guys. i don't know why that is, it just happens that way. usually its not till after i've liked them for awhile that i realize they're british.

lets take a look at celeb crushes i've had that are all coincidentally british!

(of course)

(of course)


any brits you like?
do tell.


I am Danielle and you are? said...

Oh my gosh Ed Westwick....please tell me you saw the Gossip Girl season finale and were shocked just like I was!


row said...

@danielle - no i haven't seen it! i don't watch them till they come out on dvd cause i don't have cable. :) i'm excited to see it though!!!

bananas. said...

i don't really have a brit crush, though i love LOVE their accents. like ed westwick...i used to think he was sooo not cute but then i found out he was british and i was like what's up!!!