crush week {day 4 - fictional crushes.}

okay so just like we all have girl crushes (or if your a guy "bromance") we also have fictional character crushes. don't try to deny it or act like its weird because that just makes you look weird. what, you've never had a fictional crush before? psh.
here are some totally, utterly, and completely fake people who i'll admit, i crushed on for a bit.
(granted some where a while ago some are... more recent, either way, i dug 'em.)

{mr. darcy}
oh is that colin firth i see?
why yes, yes it is. what a coincidence.

{chuck bass}
wait, is that... ed westwick?!
i think it is!
again, coincidence.

{percy jackson}
i know, i know he's young.
so is taylor lautner... and justin b(ie)(ei)ber.

{edward cullen/jacob black}
yep. that's right. i'm team no one.
bella is stupid and if we're speaking fictionally here, i don't think she deserves either of them. not one bit.

{jack sparrow}
anyone else excited for pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides?
i am.

i cringe to think this guy was played by orlando bloom.
blck. irregardless, i had a poster of him on my wall.

who are/were yours?
don't lie.
i know you have them.


Emily said...

I definitely agree with Jack Sparrow. I would also have to put will turner in there too considering i have a giant picture of him on my wall =)but seeing as though u don't like Orlando Bloom you might not agree with that.
Also Jude from Across the Universe was gorgeous!
I am also in love with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

row said...

@emily oh jude! yes! i was actually just listening to that soundtrack today! crazy.
aside from him being hot, i love the name jude. i think i'll name one of my kids that. :)