smiles for miles.

i've got a couple of {smiles} to share with ya'll
(i'm not southern. i don't know why i keep saying ya'll).

{smile} #1- i've had more and more girls tell me they like my style. - its always nice to hear your efforts are appreciated. i don't get dressed for anyone but me, but still, its nice to know i'm not crazy and that i actually do look cute!
{smile} #2 - the other day, little m (my 5 year old little brother for those of you who don't know who "little m" is), was going around the house singing "don't stop believing" by journey. as one of my favorite songs, that made me smile. plus his little 5 year old voice is so cute!
{smile} #3 - i have such great friends! one of my friends tweeted "@_sparrowchild_ (thats me) is the cheapest therapist. she's a great girl, and i can talk to her about anything without worrying about anything." i'm all about being there for my friends, and its good to know that i've done a good job for at least one friend.
it truly is the little things in life.
what makes you {smile}?

don't stop, believing,


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

kids singing Journey= BRILLIANT.

row said...

i so agree!