the month of love.

february is the month of l♥ve.
i'm all for l♥ve.
l♥ve is a many splendid thing,
l♥ve lifts us up where we belong,
all you need is l♥ve!
but there is something i'm particular about when it comes to this l♥vely holiday...
chick flicks.
don't get me wrong. i like chick flicks,
but when it comes to some, they'll be staying on the hollywood video shelves rather than making their way into my dvd player.
in spirit of the holiday of l♥ve, here are 5 movies i will be watching and 5 movies i definitely wont be watching:
{lets start with the good shall we?}
1. pride and prejudice
{l♥ve the old one with collin firth as mr. darcy, but for time's sake, the new one is just as appropriate and entertaining.}

2. breakfast at tiffany's
{one of my all time faves. also, a beautiful l♥ve story that's as hopelessly romantic as romeo and juliet itself. and what girl doesn't l♥ve her tiffanys!}

3. the notebook
{of course! at least one nicholas sparks movie is always on the list aint it? message in a bottle, a walk to remember, nights in rodanthe, or the newly released dear john... take your pick.}

4. anything drew barrymore
{along with at least one of nicholas sparks' movies being on the list, its always safe to include a drew barrymore flick as well. ever after, 50 first dates, fever pitch, the wedding singer, music and lyrics, etc.}

5. twilight
{okay this may just be an excuse for me to watch twilight, but it is a good love story. cut me some slack.}  
(others just as good that weren't on the list: hope floats, win a date with tad hamilton, you've got mail, casablanca, while you were sleeping, sleepless in seattle, my life in ruins, cinderella, gone with the wind, the little mermaid, snow white, aladdian, bewitched, what happens in vegas, sabrina, the holiday, beauty and the beast etc. there are billions.)

{okay now for the, in my opinion, worst l♥ flicks ever.}
1. p.s. i love you
{this movie dragged on, and on, and on.}

2. ghost of girlfriends past
{i paid $1.50 to see this and i wanted my money back afterwards. besides the fact that matthew mcconaughey makes me want to gouge my eyes out, this movie was slow, predictable and all around blck.}

3. the lake house
{sandra bullock's only flaw... sorry but i just wasn't feeling this one. i prefer kate and leopold.} 

4. made of honor
{mmmmm.... i don't know what else to say other than i pretty much hated this movie.}

5. picture perfect
{i give this movie huge thumbs down... amoung other jenn aniston flicks. i like her but i also considered putting the break up and rumor has it on the WONT list. also, if i never had to watch a kevin bacon film again i'll die happy.}
(others i considered: titanic, elizabeth town, lucky 7 etc.)

now that you all know what i'll be viewing this month,
what will you and wont you be watching to celebrate valentines?

i believe in a thing called love,

{all pics found via google.com/images.}

p.s. 6 more days to enter the give-a-way!


Anonymous said...

While your choices are alright, here are my Top5 Romantic and Romantic Comedy movies of all time:
1. Definitely, Maybe
2. Gone with the Wind
3. Serendipity
4. Stranger Than Fiction
5. He's Just Not That Into You

muchlove said...

I loved Pride and Prejudice, and would love to see it again and again :)

row said...

Anonymous - I didn't care for definitely maybe at all, gone with the wind is GREAT, i have never seen serendipity (i'll have to put that on my must see list!), stranger than fiction is one of my favorite movies ever, however i don't really count it as romantic so much as other genres, and he's just not that into you is a f-a-b flick as well.

Maggs - I've seen like 30 minutes of Moulin Rouge. I know. Its a classic. I'm behind. =]

Much Love - I HEART PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Every version! Although Collin Firth is my favorite Mr. Darcy, I still enjoy all the other versions of Pride and Prejudice.

Alexandra Mason said...

I love Pride and Prejudice, and Twilight! I saw The Notebook for the first time last week so lovely xx