hello friend.

welcoming three new friends to the blog!
alishea, mickey, and angie.
thanks for being such supportive gals!
(mickey also has this blog. she's a hairstylist and its her online portfolio.)
if you need to know how to enter the giveaway, you can read about it here.
if you are having trouble following my blog, or don't know how, here is a little crasher course for you:
there are about 3 ways to follow my blog.
starting up at the top of the page you should see these words "follow, share, report abuse, next blog". they are next to a little box with a tiny magnifying glass in it. click the word follow and then a new box should pop up giving you options of how you want to follow. no you don't have to have a blog, you can follow through yahoo or twitter or other sites. -- the second way you can follow is by looking to the left hand side of my blog. underneath the "lets talk about me" section, there is a section called "people who aren't afraid to be followers" directly underneath that title is a little box you can click that says follow. after clicking that, again a box will pop up giving you the options of how to follow. third and final way to follow my blog is underneath the "people who aren't afraid to be followers" section. the "follow me" section has two boxes one called "posts" and one called "comments" by clicking either of those, options will pop up to follow posts and to follow comments.
still having trouble?
e-mail me at sparrow.child at hotmail dot com and we'll talk.

you guys are awesome!

i'm lovin' it,

{7 days to enter the giveaway.}