a few reasons why its not good for me to stay up until 3am:

i buy stuff. observe:+polaroid 600 film in color and black and white.
(boo that they only come with 8 exposures. but seriously, what is with everyone selling the actual polaroid film for $100+ that's just ridiculous if you ask me. grrrrr. but fyi the film is cheaper on amazon then it is on urban outfitters. and don't even think) about looking for the film on the polaroid site because it isn't there... or at least i couldn't find it.)

+fujifilm instax film (a two pack, so it was a good deal).
(again, fyi, cheaper on amazon then on lomography. i didn't look at the actual fujifilm site though...)

+fandom t-shirts. specifically, these two:
(i cannot wait for them to get here. anybody else love redbubble?)

see? staying up late is expensive for me. yikes.

♥ ♥

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