yes, i do still listen to music.

i can't believe that last year, music was such a big part of my blog and now i very rarely talk about it. that being said, i'm going to bring that part of my life back to my little corner of the bloggersphere.
so, here's what i'm listening to as of late:
artist: peggy sue
album(s) i've been listening to:+acrobats, +body parts and first aid, +fossils and other phantoms, +lover gone
peggy sue is a british indie pop/folk band. i first heard them at the kate nash concert that i went to in 2010 and have really liked them every since. i love their gravely, grainy, raw sound. they play all their own instruments and i think they write all of their own songs which makes me really appreciate their music even more.

album i've been listening to:+ceremonials
i really like florence + the machine because she is still somewhat obscure but there are still enough people that know who she is that i can mention her and most people will say "oh, yeah, i know who that is." basically, she is what adele was a few years ago. anyway, her music is just so resonating. it crawls inside my mind and provokes new thoughts and ideas. i find it inspiring to listen to someone like f+tm.

album(s) i've been listening to:+lenka, +two
lenka's music is really quite fun. she's a lot like mika (whom i LOVE). her stuff is so easy to listen to. and its so catchy. i like to mix it with the likes of peggy sue, joss stone or john mayer so that i have a little bit of sweet and deep all in one listening. 

what have you been listening to?
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DM said...

not listening yet, but since one of my resolutions is listening new bands, i'm taking your advice, thanks for sharing :) happy new year dear

suzy said...

emmm...i've been listening to a lot of mellow stuff lately. bright eyes. mmmmm... i'll have to go listen to your suggestions. :)