you know what? barf. and then not barf anymore.

ugh. this week has been just gross. i passed out at work on tuesday, spent a good portion of my wednesday on the phone with my insurance company and waiting in the doctors office only to be told "it could be a minor viral infection and here's something for your nausea" and while i didn't pass out today or go to the dr, i still felt like a pregnant lady on a boat. tomorrow i have a consultation with an oral surgeon to see what to do about my wisdom teeth and MAN, all i want to do is sit at home and read/watch netflix!!!arg.
that being said, i decided to hit the internet for some lovin'. even though i should be sleeping... well, guess what? the internet didn't disappoint. here is what i found!

this amazing artwork by danny maas

{this hi-lar-ee-ous video. seriously snl? seriously?}

this to-die-for dress on etsy. i want to probably be a flapper/20's inspired girl for hals and i'm swooning on all the expensive fringe and sequins out there. and p.s. her etsy shop? I DIE!

{this t-shirt shop. i'll take one of each please.}

and these shoes from gojane.com aka my NEW. FAVORITE. SHOE. SOURCE.
p.s. they are having a sale on like, all of their shoes so, hurry! go!

see now? that's better. now i know my weekend will be satisfactory.
happy friday to you all.

♥ ♥

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Ashley said...

Hope you feel back to normal soon! I love that artwork and that SNL video was hilarious. What a great episode overall though!