my weekend.

most of my weekend consisted of relaxing.
i'm still trying to get rid of whatever it is i have (assuming its get-rid-ofable.) so i decided to stay in bed all weekend with some of my favorite Camp-Half Blood peeps. (holla to all my Percy Jackson fan-friends!)
i did however, manage to make it to a 7:30 showing of Real Steel which, can i just tell you was both awesome in the over all film department and satisfying in the over all eye candy department? Hugh Jackman is hot. okay? that's all that needs to be said there.
and on Sunday i watched Fantastic Mr. Fox for the first time ever. yes, i loved it.

i hope you all had a marvelous weekend.
♥ ♥

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Miss Nesbit said...

YAY! I love The Fantastic Mr. Fox! It's a good one! Also, I'm sad I missed seeing Hugh Jackman hotness with you! :(