my blog is turning 2.

on Oct 26th, i celebrate my 2 year bloggerversary. isn't that just cute? yeah.
so, for your reading pleasure, i decided to compile some of my past posts. there isn't really a rhyme or reason to the posts i chose, i just found things like:
+my first ever post on this blog.
+14 posts worth of fun fact fridays.
+the time i wrote about my camo shoes.
+documentation of all the things that made me smile.
+my first (and only) outfit post.
+the time i showed off my mad picniking skills.
+a vent session on all things ridiculous.
+my 2010 crush week.
+my letters to the universe.
+and the time an "anon" left me a love note on my views on outer appearance and the opposite sex in my 2 part discussion entitled: you had me until the chacos. {part 1 here}, {part 2 here}.
+i talked about disneyland.
+and gave myself a pep talk.
+i read books.
+ and confessed to watching a lot of Judge Judy.
+there was the first time i visited the mall in texas and the first time i ever drove on the freeway in texas.
+i talked about the time i had a pet duck.
+and gave myself another pep talk.
and so, so, so much more. do you ever go through your archives and just laugh at some of the stuff you wrote? i most def do. but i only laugh to keep myself from cringing because i truly wrote about some cr-azy stuff. i mean, really? anyway, its been so great reminiscing on my blog though. i love remembering the different points of my life that i was in when i wrote x post or found a spectacular new blog to follow...
bottom line is, i love blogging and i'm grateful for the wonderful outlet it provides me. its incredible to be able to sit down and write whatever i want. and that's why i blog, my friends.

oh, and to celebrate my 2 year bloggerversary, i'll be announcing my awesome giveaway tomorrow.
rock on, readers, rock on.
♥ ♥


thekimbo said...

I like the discovery kit. Has some great basics. Aw, it ends on my b-day! m

thekimbo said...

i like the discovery kit

Katie said...

Happy bloggerversary!! I'm a new follower. Found you through Busy Bee LAuren. Lovely blog! Very very lovely!