so, who is hotter? {super hero style.}

please, help my friend and i settle the debate of who is hotter:
my vote goes to thor. i mean, if you've seen the movie you don't really need much of a jogging to remember what you saw there, correct? and no, we're not talking about who's hotter chris evans or chris hemsworth. that's irrelevant. we're talking about straight up thor or captain america.
while i do think captain america is pretty dang hot, there's just something about thor that is, well, hotter (ahem arms and... other stuff...).
what do you think? please. help settle this seriously important debate.

and if you're having trouble deciding, or just want to be a super nerdy fan girl like me, go ahead. watch the avengers trailer and don't freak out because of how awesome it is. i. dare. you.

♥ ♥


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i vote captain america...but ONLY because thor looks a little dirty and gritty. and that's not really my style.

also, don't you LOVE arguments like these??

Miss Nesbit said...

Too late. I already freaked out over how awesome it is (the trailer). SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also.... after much internal debate and consideration... I must say I agree with you. When it comes to super heros I think I would go with Thor. I think it's that mythological aspect that gives him the edge.*

*That's me making crap up to sound intelligent and philosophical about this clearly super important issue.

Ashley said...

I'm on board with Thor. It's probably the accent. And that smile... But it's a tough choice!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oooh it's gonna have to be Thor for me. =)

Sierra Shaneá said...

OMYGOSH OMYGOSH OMYGOSH!! LOOOVE THE TRAILER!! okay. there's my freak out. Plus, I vote Captain America. Gorgeous!


BecomingKayli said...

yep. i freaked out. my vote? thor. most definitely thor.