todays playlist.

here's what i'm listening to today:
+seaside - the kooks
+i've just seen a face - the beatles
+all my loving - the beatles
+the way i am - ingrid michaelson
+you've got the love - florence + the machine
+love - matt white
+black horse and the cherry tree - kt tunstall
+i had a dream - joss stone
+imagine - john lennon
+people watching - jack johnson
+waiting on the world to change  - john mayer
+breakdown - jack johnson
+mercy - duffy
+foundations - kate nash
+beautiful disaster - jon mclaughlin
+annie waits - ben folds 
+mariella - kate nash
+birds - kate nash
+falling in love at a coffee shop - landon pigg
+clark gable - the postal service
+kids - mgmt
♥ ♥


Jillian said...

That is one very fine playlist! That would be sure to put the sourest of people in a swell mood. I hope you're having some good you time too!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

What a lovely mellow list!

I've been listening to the debut Low-Cut Connie album and the Rave On- Buddy Holly tribute album pretty much for the last week. Soooooo addictive...

Emma Frances said...

Mmm. Good music. And so music for me to discover! :]

Laura said...

Great playlist! I'm a huge fan of The Kooks, the Beatles, Florence, Ingrid... and so many artists on here! Happy listening!