typography friday {2} & some thoughts to go along with it.


while i was scouring the world wide web for some typography to share today, i came across this and immediately thought, 'yeah! what is stopping me?'
+ what is stopping me from loosing weight?
+ what is stopping me from writing the books i want to write? or even just reading the books i want to read?
+ what is stopping me from having the type of income that i want?
+ what is stopping me from doing anything and everything that i want to do whether its big or small?
oddly enough, all of those questions have the same answer: me. really, the only way that i'm going to be successful and the type of person that i want to be is by getting out of my own way and letting myself live.

you know, today is friday. typically i would be clocking in at 8, taking my lunch at 1 and clocking out at 5. but not today. today is for me. finally. last week i had a melt down (as i typically do once every two weeks or so) because my level of stress and unhappiness had reached a ridiculous high. while i sat in my room and bawled and bawled my mom told me i needed to slow down. my response? "i don't have time to slow down." and its true. i don't. my life is so jam packed with this' and thats' and what nots' but all week i thought and thought and thought about what my mom had said and i came to the conclusion that i may not have time to slow down but its because i'm not making time for it. (clap your hands if you love run-on sentences!)
so, that's what today is for: getting out of my own way. today i'm not going to worry about life and what needs to be done. i'm only going to do what i want to do.
i challenge you to do the same. what's stopping you from doing something that you've been wanting to do? whatever it is that's been stopping you, temporarily put it on the back burner and MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.
+ call that person you've been meaning to check in on
+ eat that chocolate chip pan cake you've been craving
+ see that movie you've been wanting to see
+ tell that special someone that you love them
+ take that walk you've been wanting to go on
do yourself a favor, get out of your own way even if its for just a second to have some fun. we all need some fun out of life, right?

♥ ♥


Miss Nesbit said...

I lurve you! I agree sometimes I get a little too caught up in life and don't realize it, and I feel overwhelmed. It's nice to stop stressing about it for a little while and do something I've wanted to do. :)

Emma Frances said...

I stop myself from doing too many things as well. I need to stop doing that! Love this post!! :]