i don't know what they are.

we have the most beautiful little fall flowers blooming in our yard. i don't know what kind of flower they are (my grandma could tell you!) but they sure do make me happy. its nice to know that while everything is changing and dying and getting ready to hunker down for the winter, some things are still beautiful and bright and cheerful.

don't get me wrong, i love the fall. in fact, its my most favorite season. but for some reason these little flowers in my front yard just make me smile.
♥ ♥


Jillian said...

Ah ha that's one of the things that Grans happen to be much better at! I think I can safely identify it as a flower but that is the extent of my knowledge!

Got to love a good flowering though!

Lauren said...

Prettiest flowers!

Ariel said...

These are just beautiful!

Miss Nesbit said...

My mom would probably say they are weeds.... :P But they are cute, almost daisy like?

Also, I'm so sad b/c your blog is blocked at work (I think it happened when you became a dot com cause it wasn't before), so I have to wait till I get home to read it! Terrible I know.

Emma Frances said...

Gorgeous! I love flowers like this. Especially when they bloom when you least expect it. :]