supernatural's super hotness.

i realize that it makes me pretty shallow to admit that 99.9% of the reason i even watch supernatural is because of jensen ackles. but... can you blame me?

i think not!!
who's your favorite television hottie?

♥ ♥


Valerie said...

i don't watch supernatural, but girl, this makes me wish i did! personally, my heart will always belong to joshua jackson as pacey witter :)

Along Abbey Road said...

Wow, he is a hottie. The only thing I catch myself watching these days is Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune...don't ask me how I digressed to that, but I'm getting smart! Supernatural might be a great addition.

So I found your blog via Busy Bee Lauren and your blog name caught my attention. I have a blog called Along Abbey Road. Beatles all the way! Woo hoo! You're awesome.

Along Abbey Road
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Miss Nesbit said...

I like the 2nd pic. :)

And I think this is a very excellent reason. It's why I watch certain movies all the time.