to ombre or not to ombre. that is the question.

its time for me to do my hair again.the funny thing is, last time i was determined to get rid of my regrowth, but this time... i'm considering: ombre hair.

when i first saw the ombre do i was like "whaaaaa?" but now, i'm a little more like, "hmmmm." so probably this weekend i'll do just that.
what do you think? should i rock it with my red locks??

oh and p.s. happy long weekend!
♥ ♥


Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

I'm with ya. I hated this look when I first saw it, but now it's growing on me...um, no pun intended.

I think you should do it!

Miss Nesbit said...

YES! Do it. I want to see!

A.J. said...

Yes! it totally works, I'm possibly rocking this look at the moment. Its relaxed without being tacky. Go for it :D