the story of the purchasing of cameras.

over the weekend i did some camera buying.
welllllll. actually i attempted some camera buying.

you see, right now i'm shooting with a canon rebel xt (see how i said shooting like i'm all profesh and stuff when in all reality i take pictures of things like, my pool):

i use the standard lens that came with the camera and we have a love hate relationship. as in, i love it when it works the way i want it to and hate it when it doesn't. simple.

but for my birthday one of my darling friends, Mattie, gave me a Groupon to lomography.com. i had never been to the site but the second i laid eyes on all their cameras i became a greedy little child around Christmastime looking through the Macy's catalogue. really, it was bad. i ended up putting oodles of cameras on my wishlist (yikes. wishlist. if that isn't a sinful word i don't know what is.) and for awhile i debated on which one i'd get first but finally, i just knew i had to have:
the Diana Edelweiss. isn't she beautiful! (i know that after reading this you thought i'd end up with an instant camera and while yes, i did put an Fujifilm Instax on my wishlist, i couldn't take my eyes off of the Diana Edelweiss...) i do like digital but remember the days when we'd put the film in the camera, wind it up and snap away? no looking at it, deciding its ugly and immediately deleting it. no. you don't know its ugly until its developed and then at that point you have to live with it! there is something so liberating about not knowing how things are going to turn out until its all said and done...
 so! with the Diana (and a few other things) in my cart i set off to check out. well, after a few complications i couldn't get anything to work. harrumph! so that's been put on hold. i've since e-mailed the peeps running the operation and they're working to help me but... i just want it now.

next i went to my local Urban Outfitters and rather than buying clothes, i "splurged" on a Holga. (although $48 isn't exactly what i call splurging when it comes to cameras.)
basically i was ecstatic. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
but then i loaded the film and then i started taking pictures. and then it didn't work. and then i was sad. and now i am still sad. because its still not working which means i have to take it back and that's just... so much work.

so, in short, i'm film cameraless and its a bummer.
hopefully next week all you'll be hearing from me is "bye, gotta go take some pics with my Di Di/Holgs."
♥ ♥


Miss Nesbit said...

Oh no it didn't work??? Was there a problem with a groupon? :( I'm sorry. I'm also sorry the Holga you got didn't work either! You'll figure it out I'm sure! :)

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I've always wanted one of those!! Maybe someday. :)