so what wednesday:

i got this idea from The CP (who got it from Life After I Dew) and thought i'd try it on for size. this week, i'm saying so what to:
  • my hair. it has been a wild mess since all this heat and humidity decided to come into town and i've just stopped trying to even make it look decent. it just looks wild. all the time.
  • my messy bedroom. i have plenty of time off to clean it, but i absolutely don't want to do it. (this goes for my bathroom as well.)
  • the fact that i am getting old. i can't even make it through a movie anymore without drifting off to sleep.
  • not even trying to eat healthy. if i'm craving it, i'm going to eat it. so what.
  • the fact that i fell asleep while on the phone with bestie.
  • i should be saving money and paying off bills but all i want to do is shop. i have this horribly strong need to have awesome clothes. i think its a disease. no really.
  • and the fact that i'm redesigning my blog. again. (please excuse the mess. it will be that way for awhile.)
what are you saying so what to this week?

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