i been to da movies.

i've been seeing quite a few movies lately. some new, others... notsomuch. but i thought i'd share my thoughts just in case ya'll are looking for an opinion on what's out right now.

Gnomeo and Juliet
i thought this was pretty darn cute! it was a fun spin on a classic story. it also kept the boys entertained which is always a plus.
while i still didn't love it as much as a few others i've seen (Finding Nemo, Toy Story) i'd recommend it if you are looking for something light and whimsical with a good laugh.

Source Code
first of all, Jake Gyllenhaal. mmmmmm. reason enough to see the film. mmmmkay?
okay, no but seriously. this was pretty good. i wasn't a HUGE fan of the ending, however i give them credit for an intriguing story and a movie well done. i was pleasantly surprised how they did things (it'd be tough to have to keep repeating a scene over and over again while trying to keep your audience engaged) but they did a good job. and the story was interesting. frustrating. but interesting. it was cool trying to figure things out right along with Jake Gyllenhaal's character.
over all, i'd say this was a pretty good flick. you could go see it.

best movie i've seen in a long time. the acting was top notch, the scripting was excellent, the story was exciting. it had all the elements it needed to make a fantastic film. the one draw back was that, to me, it was pretty graphic and i didn't like that. but it was a great story and an all around great flick. go see it if you want to be thoroughly entertained. (and it has my girl Saoirse Ronan in it!)

i know, i'm way behind on this one. i'll admit, going into this film, i had mixed expectations. i had heard a lot of bad about this movie but i so badly wanted it to be good so i was hopeful.
and not to put it too lightly: this. movie. rocked.
i loved it! the special effects were incredible! that alone was satisfying enough then throw in a good story and some solid acting into the mix and wa-la, you've got one heck of a good flick!
have you seen it? if not, you might want to consider it.
its in Redbox. its $1. what have you got to loose?

remember when i gushed about this film? well, it lived up to my expectations. if for no other reason, everyone needs to see this film so that they can hear the soundtrack and see the cinematography because it was mind blowing. literally. i had never seen a Zak Snyder film (that is real life) and going in, i didn't really know what to expect. after seeing this though, i can absolutely see why he's such an accredited director.
now, the story was a little hooky and yes, it is a bunch of girls running around in somewhat scandalous clothing, but i thought it was good. it kept my attention the whole time and that's what makes a successful film, am i right?
go see it. you might like it.

what have you seen lately? anything good?

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Miss Nesbit said...

I would say Tron was not worth the money I paid (I saw it in the XD theater in 3D for like 12 bucks). The soundtrack was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! The graphics were pretty cool. The main character was HOTT. The story... meh. B/c of that it was kind of disappointing to me. But I'd see it for the graphics and the soundtrack and hottness. :)