cougar boyfriend.

can i just preface by showing you this (if you haven't already seen it on my tumblr):
tell me there isn't a girl out there that doesn't have a celeb crush!

okay, so remember when i talked about my fake boyfriend: nerd version? now i want to talk about (and drool over) my fake boyfriend: cougar version. (that is, i'm a cougar for thinking he's a hottie. but i've got no shame.)
enter: Alex Pettyfer.
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yes i've heard he has a super crappy attitude and all the junk, but i. don't. care. so there.
he's pretty, no?
i never really jumped on the Taylor Lautner or Zac Efron bandwagon, but i'm jumping on this one!
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oh and guess what? he's British. yeah, i have some weird magnetism to all things British.
i can't be helped, obviously.
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go see I Am Number Four, you might just love it like i did. and if that doesn't fill your AP (can i just point out that we have the same initials?!) needs, check him out in Beastly orrrr Alex Rider (really, does the kid make movies that aren't books first?)
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*sigh* amore.

who's your cougar boyfriend?!


thekimbo said...

Robert Downey Jr... that is 1 of the many...

The Terry's said...

shawn roberts, but he really isn't that much older. but he has that jaw bone that is friggin hot!