the blackberry voyage.

this one time, i was driving down a really long highway from UT to TX with my sista. as we crossed over the TX border (from New Mexico) we decided to stop and take some photos with the Welcome to Texas sign.
mindlessly, i tossed my BlackBerry onto my seat as i got out and aided sis in her photoshoot with the sign. then i had to take care of some cat business (yeah, we traveled 22 hours with our cat in the back. so fun, guys.) aka replace his potty pad with a fresh one. i took him out of his kennel and put him on my seat, took care of the potty pad and put him back in his kennel. (except it wasn't as easy at it sounds. he's a fussy traveler and was being very difficult when i lifted him off my seat to put him back in his kennel.)
then we took off down the highway.
except for, wait.
where was my BlackBerry?
where was it?

searching the entire packed-to-the-brim car, calling my phone incessantly and not hearing it and seriously stressing out, i came to the realization that the worst had happened.
my BlackBerry had fallen out at the TX sign either when i slid out to take photos or when cat was squirming around in my seat.
either way, it was on the side of the highway.

sis and i drove to the nearest turn-around-spot, turned around and went back to the TX sign.
we searched...
and searched...
and searched...
and didn't find my BlackBerry.

sadly, we had to go, leaving my BlackBerry behind.
i'm still in mourning.
so, if any of you find a beautiful white BlackBerry on the side of the road by the TX sign, its mine. it'd be great if you'd return it. cause i really miss it.


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