i'm in arizona.

hey-o! i'm blogging from my hotel room in flagstaff arizona where i'm also watching a cake boss marathon.
since i don't have cable, i'm seriously taking advantage of my circumstances.

my sister and i have 15 hours left of our drive from utah to texas and i am more than ready to be home. in my own bed. with 24/7 internet access (its true. i'm an internet junkie).

luckily sis has a 6 CD player in her car (yeah, we're ghetto like that, still using our CD player) and we brought along the book Matched and have been reading that aloud to each other. brady bunch style.

in other news, Beyonders: A World Without Heroes came out while i was in ut. you can bet i grabbed a copy right quick. and there are only 10 days left until City of Fallen Angels is out (book 4 of The Mortal Instruments series). i. can't. wait. especially cause of this; ahhhh naughty!! (that link <--- contains a **spoiler**).

what have ya'll been up to? spring breaking and all that?


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