about my vacay {part 1}.

well, i'm glad to be back. while my trip was lovely, there is really nothing like sleeping in your own bed, eating dinner at your own kitchen table, and showering in your own shower. who's with me?
but, i did have fun. observe:

since moving to texas i've been craving in-n-out burger. i grew up eating there and was feeling seriously deprived of my double double with no tomato, fries and rootbeer. then they began building an in-n-out right. next. to. where. i. work. (it will be the first one that isn't in the west!)
excited? yes. but also its complete torture because, folks, they're building too slowly.

so, when i decided to go to utah, i vowed that my first meal in utah would be a double double with no tomato, fries and a rootbeer.
did that happen?
because cinnabun and starbucks happened instead. right there in the salt lake airport.

and guess what?
it was good.
and i didn't even feel bad for cheating on in-n-out.

first meal in utah: absolutely delicious.

stay tuned for more on my trip to utah! (i promise its not ALL about food...)


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amyschmamey said...

oooooh yummy. You are doing this preggo lady a bad disservice. ha. ;) I kid. ha. Looking forward to hear more about your trip