would you rather? {no. 4}

in regards to last week's would you rather, i would rather be a part of an arranged marriage rather than live alone for the rest of my life. like most of you, i'm sure i could learn to love whoever it was that i was arranged to marry. if not, well, then, i guess i'd just be in an unhappy marriage for the rest of forever unless he somehow tragically died in his sleep or something *clears throat inconspicuously* moving on!
time for this week's
and this one was submitted by bridget from tales of me and the husband (really cute blog. you should check it out.)
she wants to know:

would you rather have a loud fart EVERY step you took
have nose hair that never stopped growing?

yes you can trim/tweeze the nosties, but no laser hair removal. sorry.

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The Terry's said...

nose hair, as much as farting would be fun. my husband takes care of the farting for our family so i am already scared to go in public with a farting man at my side. if you add 2 of us i would never leave the house. so i choose nose hairs. i can trim them every day if i needed too.

Alecia said...

the nose hair for sure! i love that you are also doing would you rathers!

Ashley said...

hahaha i'd have to go with the fart one!!! either i'd be surrounded by lots of people so I could pass the blame on someone else... or have hubby carry me :) no nose hair pleasssse!

bananas. said...


nose hair for sure. you can't trim away the sound and scent of your own farts.

Bridget said...

hahaha i guess i should answer this. and i am nasty.

probs the nose hair one -but someone needs to tell bananas that you cant trim it. you'll have to learn to braid it.