i may or may not be getting ready to be a bit generous.

you guys. (or girls. . . do i have guy readers? if so, speak up!)
i really wanna do a give away for all ya'll (i've only done 2 in the past), but i want your opinion first.
what are the types of things you like to win in give aways?
do you prefer pretties? or things that are more universal. . . say, gift cards.

ultimately i'll pick something that i think is awesome, but i also don't want to give something away that you don't want/need.
so tell me, what have been your favorite give aways that you've seen?
what would you like to see done in a give away?

do tell.

p.s. do you make stuff? wanna be featured? you should probably e-mail me at sparrow.child [@] hotmail [.] com. i'd love to feature you on my blog!


The Terry's said...

gift cards

Hannah Elizabeth said...

For me the best giveaways are personal. For instance, right now I'm putting together one that will combine all the things in my little tag line of my button.

There was one giveaway of books that someone loved and had read. I liked that one a lot and since you are such a bookworm ;-)

P.S. - If you ever have seen something I've made or one of my roommmates has made I'm sure any of us would love to be featured on the blog. all our joint blogs are here.


Doty Family said...

Pretty things! Sparkly, and colorful!