lovely couples.

so, last year i talked about valentine's day movies that i loved and ones that i... didn't love. (and can i just say, after reviewing that post, MY how my film tastes have changed!!) this year, i'll be discussing some of my favorite couples OF ALL TIME. because i love couples. i might be jealous of couples sometimes, but i love them none the less. so, i'll be covering all of my bases here. literature, film, television... you get the picture.
lets get started, shall we?
okay. some of my favorite couples. ever. in my life:

nicole richie & joel madden
as far a celebrity couples go, i have little respect for just about all of them. but i'm a long time lover of nicole richie and i fully approve of her choice in spouse. plus their kids are adorable and have cool names and nicole makes wonderful jewelry and... what more do you need. right?
other celeb couples i love: john krasinski and emily blunt, justin timberlake and jessica biel.

tiana & prince naveen
from: disney's the princess and the frog
i. love. this. movie. and i love this couple! i like how they come to realize that they love each other and the things they're willing to do for each other because of it. lovely.
other animated couples i love: lady and the tramp (from lady and the tramp), thumbelina and prince cornelius (from thumbelina), and anastasia and dimitri (from anastasia).

anne shirley & gilbert blythe
from: anne of green gables
it takes anne years to realize she's really in love with gil, but when she finally does, its so beautiful! whenever i watch anne of green gables i always get so worked up and scream "tell him already!" (in my head of course). its such a relief when they finally get together. (kind of the same way i felt when veronica and logan finally got together in veronica mars.)

cam tucker & mitchell pritchett
from: modern family
these two are one of my most favorite parts of modern family. they are hilarious.
nuff said.

seth cohen & summer roberts
from: the oc
remember them? *sigh*. cutest. couple. ever. i loved the spiderman kiss and when she dressed up like wonder woman for him. they were meant to be together. just like another couple i'll cover a little later on.)
other t.v. couples i love: marshal and lily (from how i met your mother) and izzy and george (from grey's).

ron & hermoine
can i see a raise of hands from those of you who don't love ron and hermoine? i mean seriously. from book (or movie) one, did you not want them to get together? i did! they are my favorite wizarding couple.
other wizarding couples i love: well, harry and ginny. bill and fleur are alright too.

harley quinn and the joker
theirs is a dark and twisted love story... but i like it. if you're not familiar with their love story (i'm about to get geeky on you): harley quinn was the doctor assigned to the joker when he was imprisoned in the arkham asylum. day after day she'd listen to him spill his crazy guts to her and eventually, she fell in love with him. she gave up being a doctor and instead became the joker's lunatic side-kick going as far as freeing him from arkham asylum. she was faithful to him for the rest of forever.
even crazies fall in love, guys.
other comic book couples i love: nightwing (dick grayson) and batgirl (barbara gordon).

mr. darcy & elizabeth bennet
one of the best love stories of all time if you ask me. at first elizabeth despises darcy and then ends up falling in love with him and he her. ah. lovely.

betty and henry
best nerd couple ever! i still don't know if they actually end up together or not (i've only seen seasons 1 & 2) but i'm hoping they do because they need to be together. they just need to be.
(if you know what happens, please be kind and skip the spoilers. thanks.)

enna & finn
well, since these characters only exist in non-illustrated books, there are no pictures to show their characters, but gah. i. love. them. yes, enna is one of my favorite literary characters ever written (props to shannon hale) but that's only one of the many reasons i love this couple. they are just awesome together. both are strong people with strong wills and together they are amazing. please, if you haven't ever, go read the books of bayern so that you know what i'm talking about. please.
other books of bayern couple faves: isilee and gerick. now that is a good love story.

chuck bass & blair waldorf
kim and i call them "buck". (its better then "chlair" right?) they are, hands down, my favorite couple maybe ever. they're on then they're off and they're all drama and I LOVE THEM. i watch gossip girl solely for buck. (the particular scene above KILLED ME! another screaming in my head session: "say it! tell her you love her!") i love them together, i love them apart. i just love them. they were meant to be together. there are absolutely no questions about that.
and if we're talking about gg character couples, i prefer: serena and nate, dan and vanessa. i hate s and dan together and i don't like nate with anyone. except serena. but even those pairings kind of bother me sometimes. i'm just all about the chuck and blair.

so, that's all.
i thougt about including some of my favorite blogger couples as well, but that seemed kind of weird to me...

so, who are your favorite couples?
please share!


Hannah Elizabeth said...

I love all of these! Well done. Especially Anne and Gil and Ron and Hermione. :-)

Bridget said...

we are soooo two peas in a pod-
anne shirley and gilbert blythe?! YES.
mr darcy and elizabeth? YES.

Penelope Blackheart said...

Umm... why do you have the wrong picture of Darcy and Elizabeth up?
Get me some Colin Firth happenin pronto.

emilyf said...

Oh I just love Anne and Gil. Greatest ever. And I love that you love Shannon Hale's heroines!! I LOVE her books. This is a fun post.