photo of the week. {take 2}.

its that time again! and i'm super stoked. i love this girl's photography. she amazes me. i originally found out about her through one of my bee eff effs and now said photographer and i are kinda chums too. isn't life lovely?
anyway, this weeks photo comes from alecia. she's a stay at home mommy of 1 (soon to be 2) and she has a few photog-blogs that i keep up with. my most favorite being her 365 blog. i love 365 blogs and the insight they give into people's everyday lives. its so intriguing and beautiful.
there are so many gems on her photog-blogs. i had a hard time just picking one, but i managed to:
why did i choose this photo? i love the simplicity of it. sometimes the simplest of photos can speak volumes. i love seeing pictures and wondering what the story is behind them. this particular picture makes me think of walks around the block and quickly melting popsicles, sprinklers, triple digit weather, long summer nights and rolly polly bugs. the nostalgia of the photo is what drew me to it in the first place, followed by the colors, and the shadow. i LOVE the shadow. especially where in  photography shadows are usually such a big no-no. *sigh* lovely.
here's what alecia said about the photo:
it was the beginning of spring. a warm breeze, the sweet smells in the air, the sound of birds chirping and kids at play. that bike was my view when i stood and experienced all of that: the beginning of SPRING! it was a great moment.

what kind of camera (and lens) was used to shoot the photo? canon rebel XSi, with a tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens

do you have multiple lenses? if so, which is your favorite and what do you use each one for? i used to have 3 lenses, but sold the ones i didn't use. i use my tamron 17-50mm lens for everything now; its a great portrait AND wide angle lens. BUT i just ordered a zoom lens (finally!), and that will be fun to use for the outdoors, since i'm big into that. lens on my wishlist: 50mm f/1.4 (yummy)

who/what inspires your photos? lots of things inspire my photos. my son, the outdoors, cierra owens from the yellow house.  this gal got me inspired in the first place to start a 365 project, AND to take pictures of random but beautiful everyday things.

what made you want to become a photographer? jcpenney's studio. when we got my son's baby pictures done, i KNEW i could do better than that. so, i learned and practiced, and practiced and learned, and i like to think i'm a bit better than those silly mall studios.

what kind of tips would you offer for beginners? don't give up. don't do what everyone else is doing, be an individual, find YOUR style and go with it. practice , practice and practice! nothing good ever came easy! (wow cheesy)
the girl is amazing. (and funny!)
if you're looking for some photog-blogs to keep up with, i'd definitely recommend hers. you can follow her at: aleciadawn photography, or alecia's 365 challenge (which is completed, but go look at all her photos. they are fabulous.), or the [second] 365 project (p.s. like her design? i did it!). take your pick or follow them all like i do!

thank you so much, alecia, for allowing me to feature your photo!
want to be featured? e-mail me your photo to sparrow.child at hotmail dot com.

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you are so sweet. thank you :)