i have 1 stone and 2 birds to kill.

*you're probably going to learn more about me in this post than you ever wanted to know!

blogger award.
first and foremost i was awarded a blogger award like forevvvvver ago (no lies. i'm so bad at these sorts of things sometimes) and i think its high time i fulfill the requirements!
i was awarded the versatile blogger award.
first of all, thanks jamie of the cp! i love this award. versatile is definitely something i strive to be. and now. for the answers to the questions:

1) why did you create this blog? because i have a lot of thoughts swimming around in this head of mine and i needed an outlet like pronto. i've been on blogger for about 4 years now (under various different blog names) and i love being a blogger. it is the single most wonderful place for me to put my thoughts down.

2) what kind of blogs do you follow? i follow all sorts of blogs for all sorts of reasons. i follow the daybook because the writer, sydney is hilarious and entertaining, i follow busy bee lauren because she's real and has an all around lovely blog, i follow people like amy schmamey, musings of a hippie, lyds was here, and wonderment in neverland because i can get a real grasp of who they are by reading their blogs. i like a little bit of everything. versatility is the key. (hey! what do you know?!)

3) favorite make-up brand? maybelline (because i am NOT born with it!). hands down. i basically don't buy anything else.

4) favorite clothing brand? i don't really care about brands. but i love the stores forever 21, charlotte russe, h&m, urban outfitters and buffalo exchange. you want to know what my wardrobe looks like? visit those stores. 

5) indispensable make-up product? mascara.

6) favorite color? i love all colors. but i think green and yellow are at the top of my favorites list...

7) favorite perfume? don't have one. but i'm a perfume snob. i'll drop $80 on a bottle of perfume. some of my faves are daisy by marc jacobs, juicy couture, and delicious by dkny. OH! and coco mademoiselle by chanel.

8) favorite film? don't have one of those either. but i do love juno and mean girls. there are only a select few movies that i love that don't fall under the "fantasy/action/adventure" genre. those two would be it. i also love miyazaki films (ponyo, spirited away, howl's moving castle) and then, um, 9, the truman show, a knights tale, chronicles of narnia: prince caspian, the social network, prince of persia, the pirates of the caribbean trilogy, lord of the rings... yeah, i could go on for forever.

9) what country would you like to visit and why? i'd like to visit ALL the countries, but the one i want to go to most is england. i think i was born with a british heart.

10) would you rather forget to put on mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face? blush. it'd be less noticeable than the mascara thing.

thanks again, jamie for the award! you are too kind.
next up:

6 confessions
i've seen this floating around the bloggersphere lately (namely here and here) and i thought i'd jump on the old bandwagon and participate. why not, right? so here we go. 6 confessions from your's truly.

1) i'm super eclectic. i'm so eclectic that i'll even put mix cd's on shuffle, i re-design my blog 5 times a day, and i can't even stand to have all my fingernails all the same color (i usually paint my left ring and middle finger a different color than all the rest). i chalk it up to being an organized chaos type of girl.
{this is my hand. and yes. that is a toy gun in the background (the orange thing you see). we're mafia like that.}

2) while i'm at work i daydream about going home and washing my face. (i work at a restaurant and i always feel like all the food smells are seeping in to my pores. EW!) and when i get home, that is the first thing i do. scrub ze face.
{this are my facial must-haves. witch hazel TWICE daily, make-up remover once daily, burts bees acne solutions in the shower and biore pore strips once. a. week.}

3) i looooove the show wipeout. i watch it almost every week and i laugh my butt off every time. there is just something about people being stupid enough to try to run across big red balls and allowing themselves to be hit with things, thrown off things and such that gets me laughing. gah. love that show.

4) i have 6,756 songs on my iTunes. while i listen to all of them, my favorites are the ones that fall under the indie/indie rock/indie folk genres.
{this is not a dramatization. it is an actual picture of my iTunes right. this. second.}

5) guilty pleasure confession: i love the simple life (t.v. show with paris hilton and nicole richie). i own all four seasons. i watch them. i laugh. it is awesome. i have no shame in being a paris fan but nicole always has been and always will be my fave.

6) jensen ross ackles (dean winchester on supernatural), robert thomas pattinson (if you don't know who he is, then i don't think you own a tv/computer or ever go to the theatres), benjamin thomas barnes (prince caspian in the chronicles of narnia movies), and edward westwick (chuck bass on gossip girl) are my guilty pleasures as far as fake/celeb boyfriends go.
{did me putting their full names, middle names included, just make me look like a bigger teeny-bopper-creepster-stalker-status-fangirl than i actually am?}

what are your 6 confessions? link it up cause i'd love to read yours!

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Hannah Elizabeth said...

I love learning about you so very much because the more I learn the more I like.

P.S. - Kate Nash Yes!

P.P.S - I'm kinda sorta very very glad that you read my blog. Like a lot. :-) You're the best.