photo of the week. intro and {take 1.}

so, i follow a few photog-blogs (like alecia dawn photography (i also follow her 365), k leavitt photography, the yellow house project, and captured by mikki) as well as a few others. and it never fails, i'm always in awe by their creative eye. really, these ladies have talent.
well, as i was scrolling through all the envy-worthy photos of theirs, i began thinking "more people need to see these." and then the idea was hatched: the photo of the week post. each week, i'm going to see if i can feature a different photo from a different blog.
now doesn't that sound fun? i mean, who doesn't love looking at pretty things? i know i do!
but wait! there's more! i'm also opening this offer to anyone. if you have a fab photo that you are particularly proud/fond of that you want shared in my photo of the week posts, PLEASE! e-mail it to me and i'll incorporate it in. or, if you know of any wonderful photographers that you feel should be featured, send me a linky to their bloggy and i'll take a looksie. that way everyone can play.

to get the ball rolling, i'll post one of my own photos until [hopefully] next week, when i have some more players.

so, here it is ladies and gents. the first ever:

so, i know i posted this yesterday, but i can't get over the photo.
this was originally me just messing with hinckley, threatening to take pics of him (the fam knows that any pictures i snap can and will end up on the blog. when i'm behind the lens, they avoid me like the plague!)
and so i was just snapping the camera in his face whenever he was unsuspecting, but when i uploaded the photos, i found this pleasant surprise.
i love gems like that.

you can view more of my photos over on my photog-blog.

tune in next week to see who will be featured!



Hannah Elizabeth said...

just sayin' that photo I featured on my blog this week is pretty sweet.

all his photos are pretty sweet.

erica marie said...

I love this idea...hmm I have a few good photos or at least I think I do. Maybe I'll send one along your way.

erica marie said...
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connally said...


love. much love.
i am ridiculously giddy right now:)

Melina said...

This is such a great photograph! It's such an original take on such an otherwise ordinary photo. Personally I think it would look great blown up and hung on a wall :)