so yesterday.

yesterday was lovely for me.
not only was it sandals and dress weather, but my mom, my sister and myself went out for a little thing i like to call FRO YO!! it was pretty friggin delish.
it was that good.
i love fro yo so much.
can't even express.

on a totally un-related note, i'd like to share my new favorite picture with everyone:
look at that scrunchy face and those freckles.

did everyone have a marvelous holiday?

(*NSYNC's debut album. the european cut.
i'm cool like that tonight.)


Hannah Elizabeth said...

I adore you for listening to NSYNC (I know pretty much the whole dance for Bye Bye Bye). Also, that picture is the cutest.

Yesterday was fantabulous. I made cards with my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters. Fun!

P.S. - Thank you for getting Koni obsessed with Mika. I am enjoying it greatly.

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh I looooved Nsync!! I need to go listen to them now and belt my little lungs out :)