my week has consisted of: wonderful.

this week in review:

valentine's day cupcakes!
(made by cc.)
so, i worked on v-day but i actually didn't mind. we were super busy and so i was constantly on the go (i quite like it that way). it was so amazing seeing so many different walks of life coming in to celebrate the same thing: love. there were couples in love, parents with their children, single friends, and best friends.
it really warmed my heart right up seeing so many people who love each other.
oh. and i also got froyo on this day. who in the world could forget that?! i mean, come on.

i've also been getting really into my book:
so, i've been trying to branch out from the middle grade reading rut that i've gotten quite cozy in (just like gregward recommended) and have been dabbling a little in a different genre of literature.
i'm pretty sure this book ^ is considered YA but... i'm not 100% sure. (how do i tell? it wasn't in a MG or YA section at the lib*.)
anyway, its a fictional story about non-fictional people who were involved in the salem witch trials. while i had a hard time getting addicted to the story, its the truth behind the story that gets me. seeing what those who were accused went through (and their families) is absolutely heart wrenching. i never realized how difficult it was for them and how poorly they were treated until i began reading this book.
i'm almost done with it and i'm pretty sure i'll be reading up more on the salem witch trials because now, i'm kinda hooked.
(you can read the first chapter here.)

i also went to a friend of mines show the other night. it was muy fun-o. (i'm speaking spanglish here, peeps.)
i'm slightly addicted to live music. it, in my opinion, is one of the most wonderful things IN. THE. WORLD. gah. and while i didn't drag the rebel** along, i did get a vid of a very drunk lady/girl/woman/person showing her love for the band:
(i apologize in advance if there isn't sound. i also apologize if its hard to see. i was filming with my blackberry, guys. not much room for a steven spielburgesque film.)
so, before she was sitting at the bassists' feet, she was over with her face all up in the guitarists grill. srsly. and when asked if she had any requests for songs, "just keep it fresh" she said.
(if you're that lady/girl/woman/person, you are my hero. thank you so much for the laughs)

did some more design work for a friend (i'll link up soon, once her site is up and running!).
and obsessed over my museek.

and now it is le weekend. (now i'm speaking frenchish)
and i am oh-so-grateful.
it is now time, to relax.


*lib = lie-brayer-ee. library.
**the rebel is my camera. its a canon rebel. hence, "the rebel".

a random playlist which consists of:
led zeppelin
the clash
and the across the universe soundtrack
(i was getting my british love on. go figure.)

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