i pledge to be a bookstore buyer.

two posts in one day. i know. ugh. but something has come to my attention that i absolutely cannot remain quiet about.
as most of you may have heard, Borders (you know, the bookstore) has (or will be) filing chapter 11 bankruptcy. this means they will be closing around 200 of their locations. when i first heard, i didn't give much thought to it but after reading this (please, please go to the link and read the post) i have come to feel very passionate about it and am now prepared to step up and do something about it. i hope you'll all help.
some of you may have seen these, in one form or another, floating around the bloggersphere (as well as other places):
Read the Printed Word!
i have one on two of my blogs, and i love seeing it on others blogs as well.
well, i've decided to add to it. in addition to pledging to read the printed word, i am now pledging to also be a "book store buyer" which means i will not purchase books via online sites (such as amazon). i vow to support the buying of printed word from bookstores. not only does this assist those who are employed by places such as Borders, Barnes and Noble, Half Priced Books etc. but it helps out authors as well thus boosting the over all writing industry. since i someday hope to be a part of the writing industry, i see this as a plus.
but why is this so important? you may ask. first of all, that tells me you haven't read this yet. so go do it now. and now that you've done that, i'll share why its so important to me:

i grew up reading books (who didn't!). i have a deep love for them that is a permanent part of me. it will never go away. i don't want it to go away. when i was younger, i would check stacks and stacks of books out from the library or beg my mom to order all the books i had circled in my Book Order. bow that i am older, i buy books. i have an addiction to browsing through bookstores like i need water and air. stepping into Barnes and Noble, i love the overwhelming feeling of so many unread books just waiting to be opened and explored. i love making lists of books i see that i'd like to read (the lists get so long my head nearly explodes and that's when i get overly grateful for goodreads!) i love the feeling of being surrounded by so many beloved people's life works and prized writings. i have never felt that browsing Amazon. i doubt i ever will. the fact that sometime in the future i or my children, or my children's children (and so on) may not be able to do that due to the fact of overwhelming online sales, makes my heart hurt. it makes me sad for myself and the human race as a whole. (and this is coming from a tree-hugging hippie. yes. i'm suggesting we cut down more trees to make books. sue me.)
bottom line is, we have a need for bookstores. for clerks who know their literature. for paperback and hardback. for book signings and story time. without it, i'm afraid of what would happen to the literary world.
so i'm asking you all: put down your Nooks, your Kindles, your iPads, close out that online purchasing website, put on a cute pair of shoes and go to your favorite local bookstore. doesn't matter if its a second-hand store, a big chain, or an independent seller, just go out and purchase the printed word. go buy a book.

will you take the pledge?
if you pledge to become a bookstore buyer, help spread the word by going here or here, taking the button and putting it on your blog.

*If you don't have a space to put the button on, just leave a comment below taking the pledge and share this link with your friends.

**PLEASE NOTE: i am not against amazon.com, overstock.com or anywhere else online that you can purchase books. i am not against Kindles or Nooks or iPads (or what have you). this is not an act of rebelion on their parts. i simply believe we should all buy more printed word from actual bookstores than from their online counterparts.Photobucket


anna p of just me. said...

hi. my name is anna and i took the pledge.
see the button on my blog here: www.the-italian-hippie.blogspot.com

Grace said...

I actually have a Nook, but I mostly just use it when I travel. There's just something about an actual book in your hands that can't be recreated. Our local Borders is closing, and it's horribly sad.

thekimbo said...

I can only handle reading books, holding them in my hand and flipping the pages. Maybe I'm getting to be an old lady, don't like change, whatever. It's the easiest way for me, and I support companies and schools who support reading and authors.