would you rather? {no.5}

time for another would you rather. these are fun, aren't they?
would you rather have to walk everywhere you went (including on vacations. if you want to go to the bahamas, you have to walk there. and good luck with that because its an island. . .) OR be able to drive but before you can go anywhere, have to walk around your block 27 times (it does not matter where you're going or the circumstances you are under. your kid is sick and needs to be picked up from school? walk around the block 27 times. you're in labor and need to go to the hospital? walk around the block 27 times. you won a car and have to be to the dealership in 10 minutes? walk around the block 27 times.)?

do tell.

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Alecia said...

27 times?! c'mon thats horrible! wow this is so tough. i guess i choose the walking everywhere. wal-mart, family dollar, the library, the post office and the park are all within walking distance. so i guess i'd live. blah! that sucks. at least i'd be skinny though! hahahah

Hannah Elizabeth said...

walk 27 times cause then I could drive long distances. yay!