would you rather? {no. 3}

(if you've missed past would you rathers, you can participate in them here.)

i love seeing people's answers and reasoning on these. last week most of you said you'd sing everything you say rather than  have garlic breath for the rest of your life, and i agree. i already wish life was a musical, so it would be the icing on the cake for me!
now for this week's:
have an arranged marriage (no divorces or annulments allowed), or live alone for the rest of your life (never falling in love, no dating or boyfriends/girlfriends)?
(hypothetically speaking you are single right now.)

p.s. i've decided to start accepting 'would you rather' ideas. if you have one you want posted, leave it in the comments section or e-mail me (sparrow.child{@}hotmail{.}com) and i'll circulate it in!
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Alecia said...

arranged for sure. if i didn't like him, i'd just cheat! is that allowed!?

Anonymous said...

hmmm arranged marriage if my mom picked it. She probably knows better than i do.

Hannah Elizabeth said...

arranged for sure. I think I could learn to love just about anyone if they give me a chance to.

Lindsey said...

an arranged marriage... im sure i could learn to like him! and i love this idea, and your blog. too cute

erica marie said...

Arranged for sure...I can learn to love rather than never love.

erica marie said...

arranged for sure...I can learn to love and who knows maybe he would be a great guy

connally said...

live alone, i think. as long as the "falling in love with love" and still being around people was allowed, obviously. i love people too much; no hermitage for me!:)

I am Danielle and you are? said...

This is hard because usually an arranged marriage is in the best interest of the family and not the best interest in the people involved. I can learn to like anyone but to be forced to like/love someone is hard. For myself, I would have to say live alone. I love myself and love what I do/see/hear/touch so my own company would be the best for me. Also as long as I can have a bunch of friends, that is fine for me too!