i'll be back... and i am back...

oh hey everyone. yeah, i do still exist and stuff.
i've been working on moving across the country while trying to spend as much time as possible with those that i wont be seeing for a very long time while still working and remaining awesome.
so, i know its only been about a month since i last blogged, but in that time of being really busy and very on my own, i've done a lot of self-searching. i do it often, but always feel i need to do it again every now and then regardless of what's going on in my life.
anyway.  one of the things i've decided about myself is, that i hate my blog. i don't hate blogging. but i hate my blog. i know only a couple months ago, i changed it yet again and i feel it was a good change, but i'm still satisfied. at first, i was pretty annoyed with myself because of how often i change the title of my blog and such, but then i got over it. my blog is about my life and so, as i am always trying to make changes for the better and improve my life, i will also continue to do so with the things IN my life. that includes my blog.
now, normally, at this point, i'd shut this blog down and start a  new one (i've done it a few times before) but i'm kind of partial to my followers and i don't know how many would come with me if i moved. also, there's no point in moving when i'm cozy right here at http://www.the-italian-hippie.blogpsot.com/ AND i don't want to make things even MORE confusing than i feel they already are. so. i'm staying put. but over the next few days, i'll be developing a new blog and putting more of myself into it than ever before.
i'm feeling pretty excited about it.
i hope.
 i hope.
  i hope you are too.

see you on the other side!

p.s. seriously. thanks to everyone for bearing with me during this. you are all so wonderfully awesome. so wonderfully, epically awesome.

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