january music obsessions.

this months music has been chuck full of happy-go-lucky, feel-good music and a few songs that i just absolutely love. my music selections will probably seem random to you, but it all makes sense to me!
here's what i listened to (the most) in january:

by: avril lavigne
on the album: almost alice
aside from almost alice being a great album (its based on alice in wonderland. hello.) i love this song that avril sings. i've always loved her sound and then combine that with my love for alice in wonderland and its like a match made in heaven!

album: the boy who knew too much & life in cartoon
by: mika
it has come to my attention that mika has been on almost every one of my monthly playlists. can you blame me? he rocks my socks. i L♥VE his music. and his videos aren't too shabby either. if anyone wants to get me concert tickets, i wont say "no".
he is my density.

the great escape
by: boys like girls
on the album: boys like girls
i was against punk music for a long time. and its still not really my favorite (minus avril), but sometimes i'll be in the mood for it and then i'll find wonderfully awesome songs like this and not stop playing them for days. this month, great escape was my punk love. ♥

i don't wanna be
by: gavin degraw
on the album: chariot
this is not my favorite song. but this month, the lyrics were portraying some of the things that i was feeling that i couldn't say myself. thus, it went on the list and i played it loudly every. single. time. (bonus point, what t.v. show is this the theme song for?)

the call
by: regina spektor
on the album: the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian

okay, so that is not the official vid for the song, but i found it on youtube and i thought it was kind of hilarious so i decided to post it anyway. -- this song is so nostalgic for me and ALWAYS makes me feel happy and sad all at the same time. its because of prince caspian (the movie). this song is played at the end and its such a bittersweet ending that, ugh, i just can't figure out whether to be glad the narnian war is over, or sad that the pevensies are leaving narnia again. (okay. nerd talk over.)

by: danny elfman
on the album: the corpse bride
okay. i don't know where to begin with this one. hamalahamalahamala... okay. first, the corpse bride movie in and of itself is BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL and if you haven't seen it please stop reading this RIGHT NOW and go watch it. i'm serious. i like it better than nightmare before christmas... actually i could go as far as to say it is my favorite tim burton film (that even includes alice in wonderland). yes, its that good. secondly, danny elfman is AMAZZZZING. one of the reasons i love tim burton films so much is because you can usually count on him to include johnny depp and/or helena bonham carter in the cast and danny elfman as the composer. win, win, win. -- so this music, is so hauntingly beautiful. i love it. looooove it.

beautiful boy
by: john lennon
on the album: double fantasy
so, i'm not really that big of john lennon fan. there, i said it. i mean, yes, i like the beatles (i listen to them almost everyday) but the fact that he was a woman beater just doesn't sit well with me and it sort of stops me from going full swoonage over him and being supportive of everything he does just because he was a beatle.
that being said, his music is good and this song, above all, is probably my favorite.
the lyrics are brilliant and that's enough to listen to it on repeat for awhile.

heavy in your arms
by: florence + the machine
on the album: eclipse

besides the fact that i may or may not have nightmares after watching the music vid, this song is awesome. i love how raw florence + the machine's music is and this is one of my all time favorites by her (them). and then bonus! its on the eclipse soundtrack. and i love listening to songs from movies/tv shows that i like and remembering the scene they were in.

album: the family jewels
by: marina & the diamonds
(thanks penelope for this recommendation!)
so, this is a newer one for me. i was just informed about marina and the diamonds not too long ago and *surprise* i love their sound! she's right up there with kate nash, rilo kiley, and regina spektor for me. i think my favorite song on the album (right now) is hollywood. if you haven't heard of marina and the diamonds, please go look her (them) up and take a listen.

album: far
by: regina spektor
this is her most recent album (aside from live from london which is just her singing all her songs live) and so far, my favorite. the lyrics are so quirky and whimsical and i could just listen to this album all the time while eating mini tuna sandwiches with the crust cut off. that's how this album makes me feel. random, i know, but it makes sense in my head so, love me through it.

by: ingrid michaelson
on the album: girls and boys
ingrid is one of my go-to artists (aka an artist that will always be on my iPod. i can never get sick of her and if i don't know what to listen to, she's one of my go-to/default artists.) but these two songs have been my favorites of hers as of late. far away is like the epitome of happy and glass is the epitome of sad. i love them both. i love glass about as much as i love jar of hearts, and i love far away about as much as i love the way i am. so, it all works. please, if you haven't heard these songs, check them out.

by: mgmt
on the album: oracular spectacular
okay, have you seen the music video for this song? it is absolutely horrifying. there is no other way to put it. BUT i love the song. l-o-v-e it. its probably one of my more favorite mgmt songs.

woman king
by: iron & wine
on the album: woman king (ep)
i love all iron & wine, but this is one i hadn't heard before and a kid  at work suggested i look it up, so i did and guess what, i loved it. so great.

album: speak now
by: taylor swift

i chose the back to december music vid because its one of my favorites on the album (as well as never grow up) i really like that back to december is more of an apology song rather than a boys-suck song. its a different side of taylor and i really like that. other than that, i love the whole album. i love her in-your-face sweetness and honesty. say what you will about her, she rocks. (and yes, c and i are going to see her in dallas in october. sort of excited about it...)

that concludes my january playlist.
what have you been listening to lately?

and welcome to my newest followers! i hope you like it here. feel free to make yourself at home.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Awesome list, I always love some John Lennon :)

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Love florence + the machine!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I super super super love ingrid michaelson. I am addicted to her song The Way I Am. I found the cutest little animated video of the song on youtube and did a blog post about it. =)

Anonymous said...

Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..