well, that was an adventure.

today i took my baby sister out for her birthday. (a week late, but hey! i'm not known for my punctuality...)
as we got in the car, i told her that our gno was going to be a slew of adventures.
i. had. no. idea.
so, on our way to a strip mall we'd never been to, we got lost (and getting lost in texas is much scarier than getting lost in utah or idaho) complete with getting on the wrong freeway and everything.
when we finally found where we were headed, we decided to first stop at the los charros tex mex restaurant and get some grub so we could chat and unwind from our adventurous excursion we'd just experienced.
(p.s. it was DELICIOUS. i've been craving good mexican food for like 9 months and i finally got some. y.u.m.)
{you had me at endless chips and salsa.}
after eating, we headed to the strip mall (which had rue 21! not my favorite store, but it reminded me of my home town, st. george, so we HAD to go in.)
found some gems.
then headed to juicy couture and charlotte russe.
after our shopping there, we decided to head to another shopping center. strip malls are great and all, but very small and sometimes over priced and we were over it.
but wait.
you need keys to drive to your next destination and oh, don't worry, i locked ours in the car... and left them in the ignition. 
that's a bigger problem than it seems. you see, we only have one car in our family. even though we have spare keys, i didn't know how anyone would bring it to us.
after calling a lock smith and hearing the prices, i finally called my mom, admitting defeat.
luckily we have an angel of a neighbor who was on her way to our neck of the woods anyway and so she agreed to bring us a spare key.
thank heavens!
after waiting the 20 minutes or so it took her to make it where we were, we were pretty much ready to go home, but we had one more stop to make and little did we know our adventures weren't over yet.
we had to stop at a walgreens to pick up a few somin' somin's for me madre and while we were there, we decided to pick up some [crappy] new nail polish colors as well. 
we deserved pretty nails at this point. 
eagerly pulling out of the walgreens parking lot we drive not even 5 minutes before we are pulled over.
yes folks. 
i didn't even know what i had done! 
mr. cop takes his sweet time walking over to my sister's side of the car and waits for us to roll the window down, only the window is broken and doesn't roll down. we try motioning that to him through the window and so he pulls the door open. 
i said "sorry, that window is broken. it doesn't roll down."
cop: "but the door opens doesn't it?"
well obviously, he had opened it.
cop: "do you know why i pulled you over?"
me: "no"
cop: "look out in front of your car, what do you see?"
at this point, i felt like playing a dumb blond and asking "oh, are we playing i spy?!" but i didn't. i looked in front of me and realized my lights weren't on. so, i flipped them on.
cop: "yeah, those might help out." then he walked away. 
whatevs man. whatevs.
after that, we were more than ready to go home and so, we did.
after getting lost again.
gah. what a night.
at least my nails are pretty and i found some awesome jems while shopping.
and ate good mexican food. 
totally worth it. 

how was your friday?

katy perry's one of the boys and teenage dream albums.


Ramsey said...

Oh that looks yum! I did the same thing the other day. And having your keys locked in your car stinks big time!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

geeze...that's a day. I would have been so pissed at that cop. There is no need to be mean.

Friday. hm. consisted of staying up late for the first time this week, making a coffee collar (you can see it on Monday :-) listening to 2 concerts, and getting a crush on a boy with a girlfriend.

Yeah. ouch.

Oh well...it was a good Friday anyway :-)

S and O said...

gorgeous photos...those nail polishes look great I love that gold one! :)

Liuba said...

Anna u are amazing photographer, God keep u !!!