then a fox you shall be, my foxy lady.

 last weekend we went and saw tangled. having some time to spare before the movie started, we went to a nearby big lots so the boys could get some presents for their cousin. while we were in big lots i had the sudden urge to pee but after stepping foot inside the nasty azz big lots bathrooms, i decided to walk across the parking lot to a cvs where, i hoped, they would have cleaner bathrooms.
on my quest to cvs, i walked past an employee of one of the near by stores who was on a smoke break. as i walked past him, i offered him a smile. upon seeing said smile, he raised his eye brows at me and said "well hey there foxy lady!" and then the 'compliments' just kept on flowing from his mouth.
um, oops.
i didn't know that smiling at him was an open invitation to tell me what he thought of my clothes, hair, body etc.
needless to say, i walked away very quickly.
it did make me laugh though. and it also reminded me of this:
only my "foxy" experience was far less romantic and way more traumatizing.

what are the best and worst compliments you've ever gotten?


Lillian said...

I once had a man ask me my ethnicity because of the size of my backside!! Yeah that made me feel real good about myself!! But being the mouthy female I am I asked him if he was part donkey. He gave me a look like "hur?" So I answered the silent question with, "Cause you're acting like an a**"

Why do some guys have to be so creepy?

Hannah Elizabeth said...

I once had a guy come up behind me at Blockbuster and say, "Girl you heaaaaaaalthy"


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh how I miss the sexiness of Heath!

amyschmamey said...

ha ha ha ha. CREEEEEPY... Biscuit and I were just discussing being a magnet for creepos this morning! So funny. BTW... I love that MOVIEEEEEEEE! It was so funny! And witty. And romantic... :)

And I need to see Tangled!