anne night.

growing up, my mom instilled in me a love for the book series anne of green gables by lucy maud montgomery. she gave me the books at a very young age and although i didn't read them until many years later, they were always there on my shelf, waiting to be opened.
in the mean time, once a year a local  television station that we got would play the anne of green gables movies on t.v. and we would spend the weekend watching them together.  
those are some of my most favorite memories with my mom.

this weekend, while my dad was out of town, my mom and i decided to bring back our long time tradition. we rented the anne of green gables movies from our local library, got some goodies and hunkered in to have an 'anne night' just like old times.
even though we both fell asleep after about 45 minutes into the first movie, it was still fun to bring back our old tradition and reminisce on when we would watch the films in the past.
and if that wasn't reason enough to watch them, mr. gilbert blythe is definitely a good addage to the enjoyment of these flicks!
if you haven't seen them, i recommend taking a weekend and watching them.
they are some of my favorites and so entertaining.

do you have any traditions like that?
do tell.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

I have had the longest standing crush on Gilbert than any other of my Hollywood crushes. I wanted to marry him.

Glad you had fun :-)

Grace said...

When I was little, my mom and I would sit when it snowed and watch Anne of Green Gables and eat popcorn! I don't know very many other people who have seen it.

Amyschmamey said...

DUDE! I love Anne of Green Gables! I would watch them all the time. She would leave me embarassed with her antics, but the story is so awesome! And innocent! And I love the ending! Although I hated the latest sequal movie where her and Gilbert are married. It was just weird. Sounds like an awesome movie night! :) CHEEEEEEZE ITS! are awesome.

Lauren said...

Love love love these movies! I was just walking with my mom and sister that we need a marathon tonight!