spoon me.

i'm seriously craving some spoon me right now.
they have the BEST frozen yogurt ever.
i've tried so many other froyo places out there, but if you ask me, spoon me is the BEST of the best.
(with pinkberry in second place.)
i never get the same yogurt flavor (although just the plain yogurt flavor is my favorite), but my toppings always include kiwi, strawberry, dark choc. chips, and oreos.
my mouth is watering now.
sadly, we don't have a spoon me here. guess i'm just going to have to find something that will hold me over until i can get my spoonin' on again.

any suggestions?


Hannah Elizabeth said...

Um that looks crazy good. we have really nothing like that in Springfield that I know of.


la petite lydia said...

I love FroYo. We have a yummy place here called Orange Leaf. It is gooood.

kristin elena. said...

gah dallas has like a million froyo places! pinkberry, orange cup, yummilicious, red mango. i think red mango might be my fave b/c during the summer they had key lime pie flavor. my fave!!! and it's self-serve.

Liuba said...

Adorable...great looking...very cute, enjoy, Liuba :)

amyschmamey said...

That looks so amazing!!!!