*sniff sniff* and other stuff.

oh heavens.

how was everyone's new years eve?
did ya'll (yeah, i'm practicing my 'texan') get all dolled up and go out?
i hope so.

i stayed in and just chilled.
i have not been feeling the greatest and even though i've had my 'new years outfit' planned out for days, i just didn't feel like putting forth the effort to look adorable or be social. so i stayed in.
i did toast to the new year though, and boy am i ready for it.
2010 was not a bad year, but i believe in moving forward so that's what i'm going to do.

while i'd love to sit and share all my new years resos with you, i didn't make any this year.
i have one goal in life right now and that is to be better.
 better at anything and everything. that's it.

in other news, i'm working on a new blog design for myself.
before you start rolling your eyes at me, let me explain myself!
i'm not changing the name of my blog or anything, i'm just working on making things look more uniform and... me. so please excuse my mess for the next... however long it takes.

that's about it for now.
thanks for following me and for reading my daily dosage of boring!
it really means a lot to me.

ingrid michaelson's girls and boys, and be okay albums.
sara bareilles' little voice album.


Hannah Elizabeth said...

get out of my head!

I haven't taken Sara Bareilles' Little Voice out of my CD player for the entire week.

Morningside has been on repeat.

Megan said...

I had a quiet New Years too- wine on the balcony watching the fireworks. All the best for 2011.